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Home Decor is the new innovative blog in which you can post your very own pictures on a ‘board’ for all viewers to look at, like and share to others. The websites offers a large range of different themes, especially home décor. Why not transform your very own bedroom with inspirations from Pinterest? You can categorize you bedroom into a modern bedroom or a traditional bedroom, Pinterest supporting pictures for both.

Pinterest And Modern Bedrooms

The modern day bedroom can be split into different categories, like all bedrooms really. The colour, to create a real modern feel make sure to use bright colours in you bedrooms such as a purple, blue or sunset orange it really will bring your bedroom to life. However you can also go the complete opposite and stick to greys and black giving your bedroom a slight hotel feel to it, a very classy feel. If you feel this could be a bit too dull why not add a pop of colour to your room like a royal purple still linking the colours within each other so they do not clash, much like Pinterest have shown in the picture on the left.

You may still feel that these ideas are still quite boring and unoriginal for a modern day bedroom, there are still many designs Pinterest show on their website to create a modern room, for example why not paint beautiful patterns on your walls or wardrobes to create some sort of theme in your bedroom. For example an autumn leafy theme, even incorporating this with your bed stand and headboard. It’s innovative for now, however it wont be an evergreen design like the previous designs mentioned, however all you need is a paint job to cover up the designs whenever you like.

Pinterest And Traditional Bedrooms

My own image of a traditional image is instantly a cottage, warm feeling bedroom full of character and history. It seems as though Pinterest have captured my image from my mind in the pictures posted on their boards. The traditional bedroom uses traditional wooden bed stands, with whites and beige being the main colours within the traditional bedroom. Its almost as if you these bedrooms in old country hotels. Much like a modern bedroom you may want to make you bedroom want to resemble a country hotel you may have visited. Some houses may have the existing original character of the wooden leaves carved in wardrobes and bed stands however, you can always purchase a traditional looking bedroom many stores such as Barker and Stonehouse.

Minimalism in a traditional bedroom is also important in order to maintain the traditional feel; it’s easy to make it look cluttered with the strong materials. It’s also important not to add to much colour to a traditional room, colours usually consist of white, beige and cold however can stretch to a royal purple or dark red. Pinterest provide many pictures to inspire to create your very own bedroom.

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